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Traffic Management and Incident Management

Cars on the road and people on foot often don’t mix. At STAC Sticks, we produce an alternative to traffic cones that help provide better vehicle and pedestrian traffic control on roads, in parking lots, and other locations. Our versatile sticks provide incredible value that is designed to make traffic management easier for first responders, police, or private safety crews.

You can use STAC Sticks to hold signs, develop barricades, block off a street, or align a road. Because of their versatility, they can be put together in different configurations based on your immediate needs. They are lightweight, portable, compact and easy to set up. STAC Sticks are a force multiplier.

STAC Sticks

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Our traffic management system helps you achieve your traffic safety goals. Designed by a police officer with more than 20 years of experience, STAC Systems was created to meet the needs of first responders, and anyone else who requires assistance with vehicle and pedestrian traffic control. After developing the concept, our owner consulted with an engineer who designed the STAC Sticks and continues to refine them. Make STAC Systems be your choice for all your traffic and access control needs. Find out how STAC Systems can be the complete solution to your traffic or access control needs.

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