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About US

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About Us

STAC Sticks were designed by a decorated law enforcement professional with more than 20 years of experience. They were designed by a first responder for first responders.

STAC sticks are one of the most innovative traffic safety products available today. We at STAC Systems LLC™ are committed to providing first responders, construction companies, schools, churches, and anyone else who is responsible for the direction and protection of another with a lightweight, flexible, expandable, incredibly versatile product that is what you need when you need it.


First Responders • Construction Companies • Schools • Churches • Anywhere Crowds Gather & Need Direction or Protection


STAC Sticks are versatile incident or traffic management tools that will aid anyone who has the responsibility for the protection or direction of others in a fast and efficient manner. Use them to direct and protect pedestrians or vehicular traffic quickly and efficiently.

By utilizing the signage, one can detour traffic, close roads, direct traffic, communicate directions or any other message to the public, media, additional responding units, or agencies. In cases of natural disaster, STAC Sticks can even be used as street signs when none exist.


STAC Sticks are made in the USA with durable polyethylene and recyclable rubber material. These two substances make STAC Sticks strong and visible during daytime and nighttime conditions.


Provide or restrict access to sensitive areas using caution tape at the scene of a crime, traffic crash, or any location where safety and access control are important.


Our customizable, multi-functional, and expandable system can perform the same function using one tool as compared to many.


A police officer with more than 20 years of field traffic safety and control experience came up with the vision for STAC Sticks. The unique feature makes life easier.


Built to last, STAC Sticks were meticulously designed by engineers with more than 50 years of combined experience in traffic safety and project management. They are designed to be light and portable so that one person can control pedestrian or vehicular traffic in a restricted area.


If your company or agency has a traffic, safety, or crowd control issue, and are on a budget, this user friendly and versatile product is your ultimate solution. For ordering information, detailed pricing options, and custom kit options, please use the contact form or call us at (844) 200-STAC.

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